Dear Target Fitness Members,
First of all I would like to thank all my clients who have supported me all these years as we tried to hold our own against the big corporate gyms.

It is an exciting time for us now as consumers are now leaning towards small group fitness studios that offer more personal attention.

We have exciting plans laid out for the year 2013 as we strive to make Target Fitness the place to go to have fun, get results and be part of a 'fitness family'.

- Ammetta Malhotra Bergin.


Ammetta Malhotra Bergin
Ammetta who is the proprietor of Target Fitness has been in the fitness industry for twenty years.

She graduated with a second upper honours degree from University Malaya and at the ripe age of twenty six opened her own aerobic studio offering an array of aerobic classes.

Ammetta believes in constant updating and makes sure she attends a number of fitness courses each year to keep herself abreast with the latest in fitness.

Qualifications: Current and active for the year 2012/2013
Certified Personal Trainer (American Council of Exercise)
Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine-Asia)
Certified Group Fitness Instructor (American Council of Exercise)
Certified And licensed Zumba Instructor
Certified in RIP 60 (suspension training)
Certified in Kettlebell training
Certified in Rip Trainer
Certified RPM instructor (cycling programme under Les mills) advanced instructor module 1 completed.
Certified Body Combat Instructor (martial arts programme under Les  mills) advanced instructor module 1 completed
Certified Body Step instructor (Step programme under Les Mills) Advanced instructor Module 1 completed
Certified Body Pump Instructor (barbell weights programme under Les Mills)
Certified in Turbo Kick (a martial arts and dance based programme from  the US)
Certified in PI Yo (a Pilates ,yoga programme from the US)
Certified in Booty Beat (one of the top US fitness programmes of 2012)
Certified in Konga (one of the hottest new programmes in Aus)
Certified in Jagua
Certified Mind and Body specialist under the American Council of Exercise
CP R cert current for the year 2012/2013

Ammetta will be taking her Masters in Sports Science focusing on Rehabilitation Science to further upgrade and fine tune her Skills and knowledge.

Brendan James Bergin (

Brendan is one of the few podiatrist in Malaysia and specialises in foot and ankle care.

He is a Consultant at Twin Towers Medical Centre (KLCC) and Sunway Medical.

He provides after hours consultation at Target Fitness and is invaluable when it comes to designing programmes for clients.

Jayaraj has ten years of fitness experience under his belt.

He specialises in KettleBell training, High Intensity Interval Training and body weight metabolic training.

He is our teens Boot Camp specialist and creates safe and awesome programmes to aid in fat loss and enhance fitness capabilities.

Nafeez Khausar
Nafeez is our Strength Training and Body Building specialist.

He will run down step by step the basics of lifting and building a muscular body.

Expect to be able to do a proper three to four day a week strength training programme working all body parts.

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